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One love/one love/Lord, got a mother for love/people, people, people people/people, people, people people Santana (feat. Eric Clapton)
Don't you remember when you were young/And you wanted to set the world on fire/Somewhere deep down, I know you doRise Against
Don't live with shame/'cause feelings change/but fame remains/The reason why your gonna wanna take me home tonight/It's all the same up in this gameAdema
The feeling of the wind as it touches my skin /just one of my addictions/well I made it my home but woke up alone/cause I created this myself Sent By Ravens
Got it crushed up/got it blown up/Suck it through the straw/Love is murder/love is further/further down the holeFilter
Cuando estás diamante en bruto/Que hizo que mi inseguridad/No me gustaría ser otra persona, ehSelena Gomez & The Scene
I tried to help you once/Against my own advice/I saw you going down/But you never realized/That you're drowning in the water/So I offered you my handPapa Roach
Am I going insane/My blood is boiling inside of my veins/An evil feeling attacks/My body is shaking, there's no turning back/So take your eyes off the trigger Bullet For My Valentine
My friends say I'm crazy/they all try to save me/there is nothing they can do/everyone else is boring/not even worth ignoring/it's just what I'm addicted toVita Chambers
All we leave behind/is that ringing in your ears/our possessions stained with/our blood, sweat, and our tears/there's a difference between/a soldier and his spyLarry and His Flask
I will never spill/spill my blood for you/you have let me down/one too many times/some way, some how/we falling out/caught in-between my enemies Falling In Reverse
And if a double-decker bus/Crashes in to us/To die by your side/Is such a heavenly way to die/And if a ten ton truck/Kills the both of us/To die by your side/Well the pleasure, theThe Smiths
Kneel down/Close your eyes/hit the ground/I want you to/to kneel all day/alone in this desolate cave/So I said/Scream if you want to/'cause no, no one is around Blue October
You don't need to pray for me/cause I'm not the one to blame/I can't wait to see you going down in flames/how could it be know not what we've became/you lost the human raceSum 41
Oh yea/Let me see them/Oh yea/Let me see them hands/Let me see you smile/Let me see you rock/Lets turn this place into something they cannot stopLimp Bizkit
We chased our pleasures here/Dug our treasures there/But can you still recall/The time we cried The Doors
I'm moving in slow motion/Feels so good/It's a strange anticipation/Knock, knock, knocking on woodKenny Loggins
But you have seen your darkest rooms/I have slept in makeshift tombs/This is where we find our peace/This is where we are releasedDeath Cab for Cutie
Takes some radio DJs so they could bring me up/To the young rapper everybody's ringing up/Got 'em looking for a sprinkle of that pixie dust Tinie Tempah (feat. Ellie Goulding)
Come here please hold my hand/Lord, now help me/I'm scared please show me how/To fight this/God has a master plan/And I guess I am in his demand blink-182
I'm putting on my shades/to cover up my eyes/I'm jumpin' in my ride/I'm heading out tonightJason Derulo
You already sucked me dry/can't do it anymore honey/You roughed me up and made me cry/now you wanna borrow money/you say you feel like a failure and you wish you could take it all Lucinda Williams
You walk up the stairs/See the French kids by the door/Up one more flight/See the Buddha on the second floorVampire Weekend
No secrets, deception for these would tear this down/I'll note the past spare the pain/Words match my deeds with brutal honesty/Never forget these choices were made by meAll That Remains

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