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One at a time/I watch them all forget/One at a time/I'm lost in little deaths/It's the place that I/I forget my life/Like tonightAFI
Fall for the love of me/Crawl for the love of me/Drool for the love of my virulent sway/I grow more master the faster the daysCradle Of Filth
Your head's in the city/But your soul flies through the clouds/Looking so doggone pretty/Made me laugh out loudGov't Mule
You just do to me/what you do and it feels like I've been rescued/I've been set free/I am hypnotized by your destinySelena Gomez and The Scene
This story's getting old/The home wrecker with the heart of gold/Keep you locked up in the trunk of my mind now-ow, ow-ow, ow-owFall Out Boy
I have such envy/For the stranger lying next to me/Who awakes in the night/And slips out into the pre-dawn light/With no words/A clean escape Death Cab For Cutie
I'm not throwin' ones, fives, tens, or even twenties/I'm throwin' quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies up at skinnies/Man I do this for them bunnies up at Denny'sEminem
Können Herzen singen/Kann ein Herz zerspringen/Können Herzen rein sein/Kann ein Herz aus Stein sein Rammstein
It's this blood condition/Damn this blood condition/Mother can you hear me/Thanks for the disease!/Now I am sequestered/Part of the collectionAlexa VEga (and others)
I went too fast with that rhythm and booze/Almost ended up dead like all those other fools/Everyone’s got some sort of ball and chainSocial Distortion
In spiders eyes a man becomes a fly/In prolonged silence, we all stand defiled/We fall in line with the atrophy of lifeMotionless In White
I remember the day you left /I remember the last breath you took right in front of me/when you said that you would leave/I was to damn stubborn to stop you or say anythingNelly
Come down, you may be full of fear/But you'll be safe here/Where you finally trust me/Finally believe in meThree Days Grace
Call back the cap com/Tick off the time bomb/Let felicity fly/Armor the air lock/Blanket the bed rock/And kiss the planet goodbyeOwl City
The concealed dangers/The traps and the coils of the wires/With the sharp razors/The ditches and the trenches and the smiles/Of the grave diggersDashboard Confessional
This love calls for a potion /But we're lost in emotion/Divide love by a quotient/Forever and everThe Downtown Fiction
I've got an 'F' and a 'C' and I got a 'K' too/And the only thing that's missing is a bitch like youMarilyn Manson
Hey! Hey! Cut it out!/What you gonna do about it/I don't wanna go home unless I'm not alone/Hey! Hey! Cut it out!/What you gonna say about it/I don't wanna know nowTwo Tongues
I ain't givin' hope like Obama/I'm spittin out flames/Better hit the deck/Ima mic check them games/You don't need a new coach/You need a new neckLimp Bizkit
I have a crazy idiosyncrasy/It's affinity to serendipity/And in this eternal epiphany/No hypocrisy or duplicity Dispatch
And day turns to nighttime/And the nighttime makes you/You use a playwright pony/Your thoughts remake you Filter
Tell your boyfriend he better mind his business/For he end up in the trunk of my Bentley/I'm considered a boss you can't get me/He ain't got enough paper to deal with meTimbaland
Blemishing mirror fright /Going to take a bit of a fall tonight Dreamed that I was underneath a naked women saying/something that I can't repeat Eve 6
One stop to the rhythm that divides you /And I speak to you like the chorus to the verse /Chop another line like a coda with a curse Third Eye Blind

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