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Gonna sing it loud/And we're feeling right/Get up and dance/Don't try to fight it/Big Rob's for real/And that's no lieJonas Brothers
Our heroes, our icons have mellowed with age/Following rules that they once disobeyed/They're now being lead when they used to lead the way Rise Against
Well I won’t be caught living in a dead end job/While praying to my government guns and gods/Now it's us against themSum 41
Now I'm walking alone 'cause the night is dead/My feet don't glide like they did back then/when I would call you up so we could shoot the moon/These days I'm left to howl in tunefun.
I'm a fly that's trapped/In a web/But I'm thinking that/My spiders dead/Lonely, lonely little life/I could kid myself /Thinking that I'm finePanic! At The Disco
Wish I was too dead to care/If indeed I cared at all/never had a voice to protest/So you fed me sh*t to digest Stone Sour
Black engulfs the dying light/as he falls on frail wings of vanity and waxAlesana
Your brain is faulty wiring/The reasons are tiring/Keep treating the curse/Imagine the worst/Systematic/Sympathetic/Quite pathetic/Apologetic/ParamedicBlue October
The world is spinning too fast/I find that Nike shoes/To keep myself tethered/To the days I've tried to lose/My momma said to slow down/I must make my own shoesGorillaz
I sweat through the sheet as daylight fades/As I waste away/It traps me inside mistakes I've made/That's the price I pay/It's harder starting over/Than never to have changed Linkin Park
Is she not right?/Is she insane?/Will she now run for her life in the battle that ends this day?/Is she not right?/Is she insane?/Will she now run for her life now that she lied toDisturbed
Today I stood and walked away/I’m never coming back this way/I’ve got my things, I’m here to stay/I’ll try to pull the night awayDoes It Offend You, Yeah?
Cleaned up, corporation progress/Dying in the process/Children that can talk about it/living on the railways/People moving sideways/Sell it till your last days/Buy yourself a motivMy Chemical Romance
They say you're a saint /You're a **** /You're a sinner /That he had you/He made you/He can't live without youGarbage
I waited my whole life for you/Cuz I was saving myself for you/I just wanted one dance with you/One night under the smoke alarm/Every single door in this house is on firePierce The Veil
Watch you in the mirror the way you touch yourself/Your hips to your fingertips/What would you love to do/Don't be so impatient/Don't lose self control Breathe Carolina
I wasn't even ready to say goodbye/It seemed like that kiss lasted forever/But didn't last long enough/You are the hope that resides in meBroadway
Do you really want him calling, Newo/Do you really think he’s coming back to you?/Oh, once the world stops spinning, read that writing on the wallCoheed And Cambria
Now her soul is dead/Now her bodies raw/You can numb her pain/Watch the blood run down her face/But don't take notice Kittie
I've been to hell and back/The quiet never lasts/Its not like you to take risk/I'm only seconds away from giving in/And I'm running out of time/Now I'm running away to free my mindA Skylit Drive
Inhale, breathe steady/Exhale, like you're ready/If you're ready or not/Just a boy and a girl trying to take on the world/And we want to get caught in the middle of a very happy enHe Is We
Can't you see the irony in/what you do to me/You get so close/So close/You make me feel so terribly aloneWrite This Down
As a young girl /Louis Vuitton/With your mother/On a sandy lawn /As a sophomore/With reggaeton/And the linens/You're sitting on Vampire Weekend
This place was never the same again/After you came and went/How can you say you meant anything different/To anyone standing alone/On the street with a cigarette blink-182
But then the scene got too rigid/It was mob mentality/They set their rifle sights on me/Narrow visions of autonomy/You want me to surrender my identityAgainst Me!
God damn my spinning head/Decisions that made my bed/Now I must lay in it/And deal with things I've left unsaidMaroon 5

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