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Everyone wants to call it all around our life with a better name/Everyone falls and spins and gets up again with a friend who does the sameblink-182
I’ve been dreaming some baby ****/and every time I wake up/gotta head back to reality/but reality is greater than you/could ever imagineMac MIller
Waking up to a kiss and you're on your way/I really hoped that you would stay/But you left and went your own way, BabePanic! At The Disco
Take my hand/maybe we should run away/maybe we should disappear/leave everything behind/like the useless things/boxes labeled memoriesBlue October
It's 4am, you call to spit some fire out/But did you think that I would listen to you now?/It's nothing new so get in line with all the rest/And I will wait till you realize you'reYellowcard
It's in the soul of a city/What it does after it crumbles and burns/And it's in the blood of a hero/To know where he goes he may never return The Script
I built this house on the shore/All I want was more/But I felt the sand start shifting/I saw the cracks in the walls/I painted over them allRED
Down in a hole there are so many ways/to find yourself some light/it's always the miracles/keep waiting all you like/ain't got no time to wasteLimp Bizkit
Don't you think it was hard?/I didn't even say that you died/But it wouldn't have been such a lie/Cuz' then I started to cryChristina Perri
Now it's time to blaze'er/Who's got the papers?/I heard three's an after party up at John Mayer's/Hope it's a kegger, no but it's catered/'bout to squeeze buns like a baker Hollywood Undead
So sit back bitch, what the ****'s it gonna be?/Are you listening to me?/It's your dependence robbing innocence/Is this really who you wanted to be?Suicide Silence
Met a girl in the parking lot/And all I did was say hello/Her pepper spray made it rather hard/For me to walk her home/But I guess that's the way it goesOwl City
Siento, siento que me falta tiempo/tiempo para descifrar este pasa tiempo/tus señales, tus avenidas, tu rencor/tu celosías me engañaste por ultima vezLa Gusana Ciega
Coconut Grove is a very small cove/separated from the sea by a shifting shoal/we didn't realize that we had arrived at high tide, high tide/Will we make it out alive?Tennis
Feel the weight on my shoulders, your legs are giving out/Can't scream, can't make a sound/I'm dying just to keep sane/You'd give up before you'd let me liveOf Mice & Men
I don't wanna lose this (Don't wanna wait)/Quicker than a kiss (Not a second too late)/Wrap it like it mattered (Look what you did)/Being just one step from being wellPeter Bjorn and John
Okay, battle lines drawn, face paint on/When the opposition come, it's time to drop bombs/War clothes on, you can call it under armor/God-given weapons so the enemy won't harm yaTedashii
She's the girl that no one ever knows/And I say hi, but she's too shy to say hello/She's just waiting for that one to take her hand/And shake her up/I bet I could. We The Kings
It's been two years since I let you go/I couldn't listen to a joke or rock 'n' roll/And muscle cars drove a truck/Right through my heart Lady Gaga
I didn't ever wanna say goodbye/I never thought that i'd be by your side/It's always coming, always going/Somehow I still need you soThat's Outrageous!
As gently as you can hold on/this might not go as planned hold on/I know you feel this strain hold on/as violent as you can hold on Evaline
Well you know i barely know you/Is that the way it should start/said go ahead take a cheap shot/so we took a shot in the dark Voxhaul Broadcast
This is life/this is what I do/I'm feeling déjà vu/strangers telling me that I love you/**** it, I don't know why/but I love you tooBreathe Carolina
Well how you feelin Ad Rock?/Well I'm feelin well/Bonafide, qualified, with a story to tell/Well how feelin Mike D?/Well I feel all good/All day is how we play in the neighborhood/Beastie Boys

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