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And I can't fall asleep/without a little help/it takes awhile/to settle down/my ship of hopes/wait til the past leaks outThe National
I should be ashamed of this, I'm not/'Cause I have tasted grapes/this smile, don't look/it's my bait, my words, the hookThe Audition
When you wake up in the morning and the light is hurt your head/the first thing you do when you get up out of bed/is hit that streets a-runnin' and try to beat the massesZZ Top
I thought you we'd promised never be apart/but I feel alone left here in the dark/I close my eyes to let me know/you'll never leave my heart/I know it's not my faultLost In A Name
Remember when/I saw you in the hall/you passed right by my stare, not noticing at all/and if i'd had the guts, i'd catch your glance/but i am just the boy without a chanceThe Downtown Fiction
Tomorrow's John Conner ain't watching Harry Potter/he's in the hallows of the ghetto training Rottweilers/or washing dishes at Frishe's for next-to-no dollarsDeacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist
Likes to watch me in the glass room, bathroom/Chateau Marmont/Slipping on my red dress, putting on my make up/Glass film, perfume, cognac, lilacLana del Rey
Take your time/Don't live too fast/Troubles will come/and they will pass/Go find a woman/Oh, baby you'll find love/And don't forget, son, there is someone up aboveLynyrd Skynyrd
Both of my eyes are closed/I roll on my clairvoyance/thats why we make appointments/there are no disappointments/and it makes it less awkward/when you smile through my avoidanceHodgy Beats
How can everything be justified by you/You get off on watching my bleed/you get off on feeding my disease/this time will be perfect you explainStabbing Westward
Well somebody told us Wall Street fell/but we were so poor that we couldn't tell/Cotton was short and the weeds were tall/but Mr. Roosevelt's a gonna save us allAlabama
1-718- no, you won't answer anyway/why do I even bother/would it matter to you if I died tonight/would it matter to you that you never got to say goodbyeEmmure
See these eyes so red/red like jungle burning bright/those who feel me near/pull the blinds and change their mind/it's been so longDavid Bowie
White lips, pale face/Breathing in snowflakes/Burnt lungs, sour taste/Light's gone, day's endEd Sheeran
I like your pants around your feet/and I like the dirt that's on your knees/and I like the way you still say please/while you're looking up at meNickelback
I'm going to get my staples and a bottle of booze/I've got these skewers in my mouth now there's nothing else I can do/except to run out naked in the road/reaching up into the airSaves The Day
I got lost in the sounds/I hear in my mind all of these voices/I hear in my mind all of these words/I hear in my mind all of this music/and it breaks my heartRegina Spektor
She was pretty/From New York City/I'm walkin' down that old fair lane/I'm in heat, I'm in love/But I just couldn't tell her soAerosmith
No way out/go tell this town I've built them all their coffins/as for this face, best be forgotten/Hell's on it's way, no one's gonna stop it/I wear the suit, no one's gonna top itDrop Dead, Gorgeous
Fionna's got him on the phone/and she's trying not to moan/it's a three way call/and he knows nothingLustra
Our love is like water /pinned down and abused for being strange/our love is no other/than me alone for me all dayLive
Faking the feelings/wonder if the right words/are even here at all/I'm living through the hardest part/in a city full of fallen stars/a million dreams I can't close my eyesCavo
You believe/you did nothing wrong/to lead us down this road/I wallow in shame, while you sit there on your throne/when I miss you I cry/I miss you/I'm sorry I liedMe'Shell Ndegéocello
A black out/touching new life/face down/set the pace again/the drive the idea still existing/sat and shuddered broke the pattern/falling inward/in and down up and out Chevelle
I'm sick with love/sick like a disease/don't call me up/just so I can please you/I can't stand the way you're smiling/I can't stand the way I'm lyingCarly Rae Jepsen
I was too young to tell if your values were right too/my friends warned me about what you might do/and I just got mad at them for it, although they were right toThe Holdup
She was given the world/so much that she couldn't see/and she needed someone to show her/who she could be/and she tried to survive/wearing her heart on her sleeve/but I needed you Demi Lovato

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