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He's in your dreams.
State where the Parker family moved into an abandoned mortuary, which led to their son's supposed possession. Their story was used for a movie with the state's name in the title.
Jason's weapon of choice.
Number of rules in the first Scream movie.
A gathering of witches (usually 13).
1819 novella that influenced many later vampire novels.
Genre of horror films that reached peak popularity in the 1980s.
Canadian horror film re-imagined in 2008.
The Exorcist theme.
Movie with 'the' shower scene.
Name of author whose gothic horror stories often focused on a character's decent into madness.
'Everyday Is Halloween' original artist.
The Hindu holy book that contains instructions for exorcisms.
Film series about giant worms attacking people in Nevada.
Symbol of health in Christianity. Often circled in Neopaganism and inverted in a double circle in Satanism.
The organ found growing inside the brain of the main character in The Dark Half.
1, 2, He's coming for you.
The only thing that can kill a werewolf.
American remake of Spanish zombie film Rec.
Film about a businessman who becomes a serial killer.
Film where vampires search for a cure as their blood supplies run out.
It comes 'from another world.'
The country where the first horror film was made (in 1896; it was 3 minutes long).
Cards that predict the future.
Everyone here hails to the pumpkin song, unless it is referring to the Disney movie series of the same name.
Horror film involving hypnotism and visions of a murder.
Name of author considered by some to be the greatest horror writer of all time. Creator of the Necronomicon.
Samhain and Yule are two of these.
Name of the author of It, 'Salem's Lot, and The Dark Tower series.
Neighborhood of Long Island where the house at 112 Ocean Avenue was supposedly haunted. Books, films, and documentaries have been made about this case.
Branch of magic used to summon spirits in an attempt to learn the future. Often used in fantasy fiction to describe any magic that involves death.
Latest in George A. Romeros '... of The Dead' series.
The third film in the Halloween series, and only one not to feature Michael Myers.
Popular zombie-killing method.

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