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Most seasons: 26
Most seasons with one team: 21
Most games player (career): 382
Most consecutive games played (career): 352
Most points scored (career): 2,544
Most points scored (season): 186
Most points scored (rookie season): 150
Most points scored (game): 40
Most points scored (half): 30
Most points scored (quarter): 29
Most consecutive games scoring: 360
Most consecutive games scoring to start a career: 267
Most seasons leading leagues in touchdowns: 8
Most touchdowns (career): 208
Most touchdowns (season): 31
Most touchdowns (rookie season): 22
Most touchdowns (games): 6
Most touchdowns (half): 5
Most touchdowns (quarter): 4
Most consecutive seasons scoring a touchdown: 20
Most consecutive games scoring a touchdown: 18
Most games scoring a touchdown (career): 145
Most games scoring a touchdown (season): 15
Most PAT attempted (career): 959
Most PAT attempted (season): 75
Most PAT attempted (game): 10
Most consecutive PAT made: 422
Most consecutive PAT made to start a career: 321
Highest kicking percentage on PAT (career): 100.0 (292/292)
Most two point conversions (career): 7
Most two point conversions (season): 4
Most two point conversions (rookie season): 3
Most field goals attempted (career): 709
Most field goals attempted (season): 52
Most field goals attempted (rookie season): 48
Most field goals attempted (game): 9
Most field goals missed (career): 309
Most field goals missed (season): 26
Most field goals made (career): 565
Most field goals made (season): 44
Most field goals made (rookie season): 35
Most field goals made (game): 8
Most consecutive games with field goal made: 38
Most consecutive field goals made: 42
Longest field goal made: 64 yards
Longest field goal made (rookie): 60 yards
Highest field goal percentage (career): 90.2% (111/123)
Most safeties (career): 4
Most rushing attempts (career): 4,409
Most rushing attempts (season): 416
Most rushing attempts (rookie season): 390
Most rushing attempts (game): 45
Most rushing attempts, no fumbles (season): 397
Most consecutive rushing attempts, no fumbles (career): 1,001
Most consecutive rushing attempts, no fumbles, to start a career: 559
Most rushing attempts, no touchdowns (season): 240
Most rushing yards gained (career): 18,355
Most rushing yards gained (season): 2,105
Most rushing yards gained (rookie season): 1,808
Most rushing yards gained (game): 296
Most rushing yards gained (half): 253
Most rushing yards gained (quarter): 165
Most rushing yards gained, no fumbles (season): 1,883
Longest run from scrimmage: 99 yards
Most rushing yards by a QB (career): 6,010
Most rushing yards by a QB (season): 1,039
Most rushing yards by a QB (game): 181
Most rushing touchdowns (career): 164
Most rushing touchdowns (season): 28
Most rushing touchdowns (rookie season): 18
Most rushing touchdowns (game): 6
Most consecutive season with a rushing touchdown: 16
Most rushing touchdowns by a QB (career): 44
Most rushing touchdowns by a QB (season): 14
Highest passer rating (career): 106.0
Highest passer rating (season): 122.5
Highest passer rating (rookie season): 102.4
Most pass attempts (career): 10,169
Most pass attempts (season): 727
Most pass attempts (rookie season): 627
Most pass attempts (game): 70
Most completions (career): 6,300
Most completions (season): 468
Most completions (rookie season): 354
Most completions (game): 45
Most consecutive completions: 24
Highest completion percentage (career): 66.2%
Highest completion percentage (season): 71.23%
Highest completion percentage (rookie season): 66.44%
Most passing yards (career): 71,838
Most passing yards (season): 5,477
Most passing yards (rookie season): 4,374
Most passing yards (game): 554
Most consecutive 200+ yard passing games: 45
Most consecutive 300+ yard passing games: 9
Most passing touchdowns (career): 530
Most passing touchdowns (season): 55
Most passing touchdowns (rookie season): 26
Most passes intercepted (career): 336
Most passes intercepted (season): 42
Most passes intercepted (rookie season): 28
Most passes intercepted (game): 8
Most times sacked (career): 525
Most times sacked (season): 76
Most receptions (career): 1,549
Most receptions (season): 143
Most receptions by TE (season): 110
Most receptions by RB (season): 102
Most receptions (rookie season): 101
Most receptions (game): 21
Most consecutive games catching a pass: 274
Most consecutive game catching a pass to start a career: 190
Most receiving yards (career): 22,895
Most receiving yards (season): 1,964
Most receiving yards (rookie season): 1,473
Most receiving yards by TE (season): 1,327
Most receiving yards by RB (season): 1,048
Most receiving yards (game): 336
Most receiving touchdowns (career): 197
Most receiving touchdowns (season): 23
Most receiving touchdowns (rookie season): 17
Most receiving touchdowns by TE (season): 17
Most receiving touchdowns by RB (season): 9
Most receiving touchdowns (game): 5
Most games with a receiving touchdown: 139
Most consecutive games with a receiving touchdown: 13
Most yards from scrimmage (career): 23,540
Most yards from scrimmage (season): 2,509
Most yards from scrimmage (rookie season): 2,212
Most yards from scrimmage (game): 336
Most all-purpose yards (career): 23,546
Most all-purpose yards (season): 2,696
Most all-purpose yards (rookie season): 2,317
Most all-purpose yards (game): 404
Most consecutive games with 100+ all-purpose yards: 23
Most interceptions (career): 81
Most interceptions (season): 14
Most interceptions (rookie season): 14
Most consecutve games with an interception: 8
Most consecutive seasons with an interception: 19
Most interception return yards (career): 1,590
Most interception return yards (season): 376
Most interception return yards (rookie season): 301
Most interception return yards (game): 177
Longest interception return: 107 yards
Most interceptions returned for touchdown (career): 12
Most interceptions returned for touchdown (season): 4
Most interceptions returned for touchdown (rookie season): 3
Most consecutive seasons with an interception returned for touchdown: 6
Most punts (career): 1,713
Most punts (season): 114
Most punts (rookie season): 111
Most punts (game): 16
Longest punt: 98 yards
Most punting yardage (career): 71,211
Most punting yardage (season): 5,209
Most punting yardage (rookie season): 4,531
Most punting yardage (game): 709
Most punt returns (career): 463
Most punt returns (season): 70
Most punt returns (rookie season): 57
Most punt returns (game): 11
Most career punt returns without a touchdown: 262
Most punt return yards (career): 4,999
Most punt return yards (season): 875
Most punt return yards (rookie season): 699
Most punt return yards (game): 207
Longest punt return: 103 yards
Most punt return touchdowns (career): 14
Most punt return touchdowns (season): 4
Most punt return touchdowns (rookie season): 4
Most kickoff returns (career): 607
Most kickoff returns (season): 82
Most kickoff returns (rookie season): 73
Most kickoff returns (game): 10
Most kickoff return yards (career): 14,014
Most kickoff return yards (season): 2,186
Most kickoff return yards (rookie season): 1,752
Most kickoff return yards (game): 304
Longest kickoff return: 109 yards
Most kickoff return touchdowns (career): 8
Most kickoff return touchdowns (season): 4
Most kickoff return touchdowns (rookie season): 4
Most fumbles (career): 166
Most fumbles (season): 23
Most fumbles (game): 7
Most fumble return yards (career): 311
Most fumble return yards (season): 157
Most fumble return yards (rookie season): 98
Longest fumble return: 104 yards
Most fumble return touchdowns (career): 6
Most sacks (career): 200
Most sacks (season): 22.5
Most sacks (rookie season): 14.5
Most sacks (game): 7
Most consecutive games with a sack: 11

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