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Who was Brett Favre's first NFL completion to?
Which team did Johnny Unitas retire with?
Which team drafted John Elway?
During Jim Brown's 9 NFL seasons, who was the only other running back to lead the league in rushing?
Which NFL running back was the first to rush for 2,000 yards in a single season?
Who won the first Defensive Player of the Year award in 1971?
In what year did the first Pro Bowl take place?
Which running back is responsible for scoring the most points in a single game (40)?
Which Bills' quarterback is responsible for the largest comeback in NFL history?
Who was the last regular starting quarterback to wear a number greater than 19?
Which NFL franchise is the only one to be fan-owned?
How much does it cost to make the Lombardi Trophy?
How old was Gale Sayers when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame?
Who is the only NFL player with 2 safeties in one game?
Who was the first NFL player to kick a 63 yard field goal?
Who is the only NFL/MLB player to hit a home run and score a touchdown in the same week?
For which famous Baltimore poet are the Ravens named after?
What does the 'G' on the Packers' helmet stand for?
How many NFL teams do not employ cheerleaders?
How many different quarterbacks did Rod Woodson intercept in his career?

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