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Can you name the Radiohead songs with these lyrics? ?

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The rats and the children follow me out of town. Kid A
They love me like I was a brother. The Bends
He used to do surgery for girls in the 80s. The Bends
We hope your rules and wisdom choke you. OK Computer
There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt. Amnesiac
Here I'm allowed everything all of the time.Kid A
The panic. The vomit. The panic. The vomit.OK Computer
Don't look down, shove it in your mouth.Amnesiac
I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul.Pablo Honey
Little babies' eyes, eyes, eyes, eyesHail to the Thief
It's the devil's way now. There's no way outHail to the Thief
You are the sun and moon and starsPablo Honey
I'd be crazy not to follow. Follow where you lead.In Rainbows
Don't get any big ideas. They're not gonna happen.In Rainbows

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