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What word teaches us...1) there are not REALLY other G-ds...just people making things into G-d (Rashi) 2) People are screaming out to a G-d that is indifferent to them and not answering and 3) we should not worship the heavenly angels/army of heaven
What word teaches us...1) Just as the school gives us the handbook before Orientation, so too G-d gives the Jews the oppurtunity to behave in the right way or wrong way knowing the future consequences (Kli Yakar)
What word (in Rashi) teaches us...1) G-d already committed to blessing the Jews on a certain condition, however he is not planning to curse them (Maharal)
What words teach us... 1) That Moshe spoke both to the masses and the individuals (Rabeinu Bechayay) and 2) each individual should view that he could tip the scale either way...'Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Lazeh' (Kli Yakar)
What words teach us...1) that the Jews will see the benefits and curses in THIS world, not the next
BONUS: What Perek is this information in?
What words teach us...1) that Hashem has optomism and confidence in us that we will keep his commmandmentsas opposed to doubting us (with the word IF) like is written by the curse (Rabeinu Bechayay)
What is the Bracha the Jews get? (Hebrew phrase)--Rav Dessler

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