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Can you name the 100 verbos más comunes en español?

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to be (more permanent)
to be (conditional)
to have
to do, to make
to be able to
to say, to tell
to go
to see
to give
to know
to want
to arrive
to pass by, to spend (time)
to put, to place
to seem
to stay, to remain
to believe, to think
to talk
to wear, to carry
to leave (an item)
to follow, to continue
to find
to call
to come
to think, to plan
to leave (a place)
to return
to take
to know (a person or place)
to live
to treat, to try (starts with 't')
to look, to watch
to count
to start (starts with 'e')
to wait
to look for
to exist
to enter
to work
to write
to lose
to produce
to occur
to understand (starts with 'e')
to ask for, to request
to receive
to remember
to end, to terminate
to allow
to appear
to obtain, to get (starts with 'c')
to start (starts with 'c')
to serve
to take out
to need
to maintain
to result
to read
to fall
to change
to present
to create
to open
to recognize
to consider
to study
to listen, to hear (alt 161)
to win
to finish (starts with 'a')
to convert
to form
to bring
to leave, to divide
to die
to accept
to realize (starts with 'r')
to suppose
to understand (starts with 'c')
to achieve
to explain
to ask
to play an instrument, to touch
to realize, to recognize
to be born
to direct
to run
to use, to utilize
to pay
to help
to like
to play
to listen
to turn (age), to accomplish
to offer
to discover
to get up
to try, to attempt
to use

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