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He *refused* to do it (use a form of querer - Él no _____ hacerlo.)
When I was ten, I *liked* playing checkers. (Me ____.)
In the 70s, Michael Jackson *was* already famous.
While they talked, I *listened*.
I *met* Miguel in 1978.
When my mom and I *cooked* special dinners, yo tenía que poner la mesa.
I *couldn't* go to the party. No _____ ir....
My family *lived* in a small house.
I *ate* my dinner (and yes, I ate it all!)
My cousins never *ate* vegetables.
I *found out* that they sold their house.
It *was* raining.
When my dad and I would *take out* the trash, I always had to sweep where the can was
My aunts always *prepared* Christmas Eve dinner.

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