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First word the Ninth Doctor said to her
Her MotherFirst Name (Shortened Version)
Her FatherFirst Name (Shortened Version)
Her BoyfriendFirst and Last Name
First alien she encountered In the episode Rose
First episode she kissed the Doctor in
How old was she when she met the Ninth Doctor?In the episode Rose
What job did she have when met the Doctor?In the episode Rose
What was the name of the guy she was interested in who travelled with her and the Doctor?In the episodes Dalek and The Long Game
What words followed her through time and space and eventually turned out to be a message from her future self?Mentioned predominantly in the first series but also reappears in further series'
What was she doing when she first met Captain Jack?In the episode The Empty Child
What was on her top when she doing the answer the previous question?In the episode The Empty Child
What game show was Rose forced to compete in?In the episode Bad Wolf
When Rose was knighted by Queen Victoria what was her full title?In the episode Tooth and Claw
What was Rose's equivalent in the parallel universeAnimal
What does Rose respond when the Doctor asks how long she will stay with him?In the episode Army of Ghosts
What job did Rose do when she was living on the parallel universe?'I think I know a thing or two about aliens'
Last words the Tenth Doctor said to her?When he went back in time to visit her in the epsidoe The End of Time Part 2

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