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What was Donna wearing when she first met the Doctor?In the episode The Runaway Bride
What was the name of her fiancé?In the episode The Runaway Bride
What was her father's name?First name
What is her mother's name?First name
What is her grandfather's name?First name
What was the first alien that Donna encountered (and wasn't completely oblivious of)?In the episode the The Runaway Bride
What was the name that the Ood called Donna and the Doctor?In the episode Planet of the Ood
In which episode of series 4 did she first meet Rose?Spoke to her about the car keys in the bin
In which episode of series 4 do she and the Doctor kiss?He needed a shock to help flood the cyanide from his body
What was the name of her fake husband when she was stuck in the mainframe in the library?In the episode Forest of the Dead
What is the name of the final episode she appears in?At her wedding
What are the first things Donna says to the Doctor when she lands in the TARDIS?Three questions
What is the Doctors response to all three questions?In the episode The Runaway Bride
What does Donna always describe herself as?In relation to her occupation and place of origin
What is the name of Donna's friend who she has a frenemy kind of relationship?Donna made her wear peach at her wedding
How does the Doctor describe Donna to Agatha Christie when he introduces them?In the episode The Unicorn and the Wasp
What company was she investigating when she me the Doctor again?In the episode Partners in Crime
What name did she decide to take when she got married?Double barrelled

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