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Ross and Chandler try on celebrity suits for the wedding7
Monica has to cook with Mockolate2
Joey threw an ex-girlfriend's leg on the fire3
Joey is a cologne spritzing cowboy2
Ross and Phoebe date a married couple7
Joey writes to the 'Baby Adoption Decider People'10
Ross has to send Marcel away to the zoo1
Monica dates Chip Matthews4
Chandler invents the game 'Cups' to try and give Joey money6
Phoebe and Mike break up because he doesn't want to get married9
Janice's mix-tape makes a surprise appearance!6
Phoebe works as an extra on Days Of Our Lives9
Phoebe tries to get tickets for Sting's concert8
Ross misses out on Isabella Rosselini3
Joey is a guest on Pyramid!10
Chandler's work colleagues think he is gay1
Monica and Phoebe both want to date the guy in the coma1
Monica employs Joey at her restaurant4
Joey and Chandler create 'Fireball'5
Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler5
Billy Crystal and Robin Williams have coffee3
Ross tries to get his 'faded salmon' shirt back from Mona8
Phoebe buys Joey a drumkit...and a spider7
Chandler reveals to Phoebe that he plans to marry Monica6
Ross and Rachel get locked out of their apartment9

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