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Can you name the questions about pets in the Disney films?

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Despite 'not naming' animals, what name does the cat in 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' go by?
What are the names of Geppetto's 2 pets in 'Pinocchio'?
Cinderella finds a fat little mouse that she calls 'Gus' for short, but what is his actual name?
In 'The Rescuers', what is the name of the cat that lives at the orphanage?
What 2 animals are used for croquet in 'Alice in Wonderland'
In 'Sleeping Beauty', what is the name of Maleficent's pet raven?
Name the Old English Sheepdog in '101 Dalmatians' that helps Pongo and Perdita find their puppies?
What is the name of Merlin's owl in 'The Sword in the Stone'?
What is the name of the small dog in 'Mary Poppins' that pops up in various scenes?
Name the little elephant at the back of Colonel Hathi's Brigade in 'The Jungle Book'?
What are the names of the 2 female geese in 'The Aristocats'?
What are the names of Medusa's 2 alligators in 'The Rescuers'?
Name Tod's female fox-mate in 'The Fox and the Hound'?
Name the poodle in 'Oliver and Company'?
What are the names of Ursula's eels in 'The Little Mermaid'?
What is the name of the Szalinski's dog in 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids'?
What is the name of McLeach's lizard in 'The Rescuers Down Under'?
Name Sid's dog in 'Toy Story'?
What is the name of Giselle's chipmunk friend in 'Enchanted'?
In 'Finding Nemo', what does Dory name her 'pet' jellyfish?

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