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Forced Order
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Who did Wayne beat to become the toughest man in Letterkenny?
What is the name of Letterkenny's hockey team?
What is preferred potato chip flavour of Letterkenny?
What are the drinks featured at Darryl's super-soft birthday party?
What solo does Glen play at the youth group
What is the preferred brand of whiskey in Letterkenny?
What is the name of the bar in Letterkenny?
What are Stewart's DJ aliases?
What did The Ginger 'allegedly' do?
What :fart filter did Glen invent?
What was the name of Wayne's ex?
What is the colour of Riley and Jonesey's jeep?
How much hush money was given to Tannis?
What could Wayne watch, 'all day long'?
What book did Squirrely Dan 'hoover schneef off of'?
What do Riley and Jonesy call Katy?
What is Darryl's preferred breakfast food?
What is Squirrely Dan's favourite band?
What type of animal gives Darryl rabies?
What does the hockey coach call his players?

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