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'No drums! Jack Black said no drums!'
'I tend not to weep over that. I'm Russian. Or was.'
'I promise not to steal anything if you promise not to rape me'
'Fire those things that go bang!'
'I think about that all the time. How I tossed you that bread'
'You have no idea how many angry letters to Hasbro I've written about that'
'Not boogers, dollars, you moron!'
'When did I get stabbed? That's awesome!'
'I'm gay. Although nowadays more in theory than in practise'
'The past is just a mental construction'
'You can't say 'Why' about love.'
'Don't go chasing shadows, Arthur.'
'Talent is more erotic when it's wasted'
'There's this space-age technology called the internet'
'I would rather die than live another day in this death'
'She looks like she crawled out of Margrat Thatchers' bum hole!'
'I'm out to ruin you! Get out!'
'Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!'
'Sylvester Stallone, he's their leader!'
'He is Thark! He is Dotar Sojat!'
'Thanks a lot, fellas! Now I'm never going to be chief!'
'Your daughter is the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life. It would be an honor to have your permission to marry her.'
'Thirty-eight of New Yorks' finest, against one guy in a unitard'
'You can't deny yourself forever.'
'I now pronounce you... Man and knife'
'Look good, run fast, know what I mean, girl?'
'A lady does not place her weapon on the table'
'No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.'
'That's Edinburgh Castle'
'This is Zombie Redneck Torture Family, entirely different thing!'
'Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg'
'What is Ramsey doing in my room?'
'Don't choose the better guy, choose the guy that's going to make you a better girl'
'Look, Charlie, just forget it'
'Your girlfriend stabbed me in the back with lefty scissors'
'I promised the secrets of the universe, nothing more'
'History prefers legends to men'

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