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Can you name the things to do with Harry Potter that go in alphabetical order?

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A) First name of the headmaster of Hogwarts
B) Witch that killed Dobby (First name)
C) Surname of one of Malfoy's friends
D) Hungarian Horntail species
E) Most powerful wand in the world
F) Dumbledore's phoenix
G) Famous bank in Diagon Alley
H) Town near Hogwarts
I) Third and final Deathly Hallow
J) Author of the books
K) House Elf of the Black family
L) The eccentric young witch
M) Plant that screams
N )Gift given to Harry from Sirius (Prisoner of Azkaban)
O) Delivers mail
P) Name of the first book
Q) Sport played on a broom
R) Hagrid's first name
S) Puts the victim in an unconsious state
T) Creature that attacks Hermione in the girls bathroom
U) Teacher that is fond of cats
V) Most powerful Dark Lord
W) Dangerous tree at Hogwarts
X) Luna's Father
Y) The person that splinched Ron
Z) Place where Dudley gets trapped in a snake enclosure

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