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QUIZ: Can you name the Spitfire facts?

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The Spitfire was designed by ..?
Which company manufactured the Spitfire?
What role did the Spitfire do?
What shape were the wings?
The Spitfire was in use from..?
What code did the prototype Spitfire have?
What was the name of the test pilot?
Which engine did the MkI Spitfire have?
What was the maximum speed of a MkI Spitfire?
What was the maximum range of a MkI Spitfire?
How many Mks of Spitfire where there?
What was the size of the arnament for a MkI Spitfire?
Which factory made the most Spitfires?
What was the first squadron to receive Spitfires?
What was the naval version of the Spitfire called?
What is the name of the later engines used in Spitfires?
What two colours were the stripes painted on Spitfires for the D-Day invasion?

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