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HintAnswerExtra Info
Rattata represents which animal?This should be quite easy
Luxio evolves into Lux___This is simple
Sunny ___3rd gen legendary has drought which resembles this move
Do it yourselfIt´s an abbreviation
to reduce light intensityI ran out of pokémon themed words for the moment
spanish word for dayAlso a spell in Final Fantasy 1
Deoxys is a ___ Pokemon We all have it
A type of acid______ Nucleic Acid figure out the first letter yourself
Public _______ AnnouncementFigure out the middle letter yourself
HintAnswerExtra Info
Playstation NetworkThis should be simple enough
frying ___Think kitchen
something you don´t do at the pokécenterBless health care
Keeping something at a distanceThis is quite simple
are you a ___ or a girlProfessor Oak can´t figure it out himself
Legolas uses aMedieval weapon
you ___ the lawnThere is no way to give you a hint without giving the answer
when you change a game you ___ itYou´ve done this with Skyrim
Arceus can be considered a pokémon Divine creature

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