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Forced Order
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The net force acting on an object is directly proportional to the rate of change of the linear momentum of that object. The net force and momentum are in the same direction.State which and who's law this is
An object will remain at rest or keep travelling at constant velocity unless acted upon by an external forceState which and who's law this is
The area under a force against time graph isclue: ______ __ ______
When two bodies interact, the forces they exert on each other are equal and opposite.State which and who's law this is
T/F In all collisions total energy is conservedThis is for both Inelastic and Elastic collisions
Within a closed sytem, the total momentum in any specified direction remains constant.This is the principle of ______ __ _________
Impulse of force =The unit is Ns
QuestionsAnswersHints and Info
Kinetic energy = use a decimal for first part
Is momentum a scalar or a vector quantity There is magnitude and direction
What is the unit of impulse of force1 Ns = 1 kg m s-1
What is the unit of momentum There is no name for this unit in the SI system
Which collision is kinetic energy conserved in?Elastic or Inelastic
Mass x Velocity = _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _p = mv
T/F In a closed system, Total momentum before collision = Total momentum after collisionMomentum is conserved

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