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Begins WithHarry potter related object/nameHint
AMosag is of this species
BGabrielle attends this school
CName of someone who is in the weasley family
DLucius, Bellatrix but not Sirius
ESnape is not the owner of this
FThey bite Lavender Brown
GGringott's has loads of these
HA Muggleborn
IInferi will be scared of this word
JCast these on others
KPay with these in wizarding shops
LTom works here
MThis person steals items
Begins WithHarry potter related object/nameHint
NA Dragon
OHermione casts this
PName of a potion
QUsed in quidditch
RA Giant
SGinny catches this
THappens in the fourth year
USnape does this
VTheres one in Borgin and Burkes
WHermione is this but Ron is not
XName of the editor of the Quibbler
YOne of Voldemorts followers
ZA well known joke shop

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