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QUIZ: Can you name the countries in the border disputes

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Countries and datesOther country
Golan Heights. Between Syria and ____ started in 1951
Northern Cyprus. Between Cyprus/Greece and Northern Cyprus/____
Baekdu Mountain. Between N. Korea and ___ started in 1962
David Gareja/monastery complex. Between Georgia and ____ started in 1991
Badme. Between Ethiopia and ___ started in 1998
Doi Lang. Between Thailand and _____ started in 1500's
Cambodia. Between Cambodia and _____ started in 1950's
Mainland China. Between China and ____ started in 1949
Bakassi. Between Cameroon and ____ started in 1975
Kashmir. Between India and____ started in1947
Countries and datesOther country
South Chinese Sea. Between China and ___ started in 1950's
Wake Island. Between United States and _____ started in 1980
Abyei. Between Sudan and _____ started in 2011
Khuriya Muriya Islands. Between Yemen and ____ started in 1967
Kuril Islands. Between Japan and ____ started in 1945
Hans Island. Between Canada and _____ started in 1933
Donbass. Between Russia and ____ started in 2014
Kosovo. Between Kosovo and _____ started in 2008
Danube River. Between Serbia and _____ started in 1990
Northern Ireland. Between UK and ____ started in 1921

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