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The beats yeah, they were coming out the speakers And were winding up straight in your sneakers...Hold on Now, Youngster
I was sitting on my hands at the top-deck of the 178, spitting cusses at my face reflected in the windscreen pane. Throwing insults and calling names...Hello Sadness
I grabbed hold of her wrist and my hand closed from tip to tip I said 'you've taken the diet too far, you have got to let it slip'...Romance Is Boring
You did not like us 'cause your girlfriend likely does And all your friends agree on her soft spot for me I'll have my hot hands over her soft spots soon you will see...Hello Sadness
A wishbone hangs between your breasts I hope you haven't pulled it yet And if this little finger doesn't have the strength Then I'm scared that this bird's back bone breaks...Hello Sadness
There's no box to tick for red, so I put down blue instead cos it's closest there's to grey in the categories...No Blues
Darling, I'm with St. Bernards And we are scouring the Alps and the Andes And if they die, then it is on my head They followed paw prints in the snow to my throne, to my bed...Romance is Boring
We burnt all the skin From the palm of my hands With an old zippo lighter And deodorant can...Hello Sadness
By the light of the LED display of a VCR recorder You kiss my neck, I whisper in your ear, 'this is my downfall' As you squint and you grimace, we both know your heart's not in it.We are Beautiful, We are Doomed
When you play pass the parcel with human body parts Somebody might get a head, but someone will get hurt...Hold on Now, Youngster
You glug and you glug Salt water from sandcastle bucket You glug and you glug And the tide turns in your stomach, splash your shoes...Romance is Boring
You said 'Send me stationary to make me horny' so I always write your letters in multicolours, decorating envelopes for foreplay, damn extended metaphors, I get carried away...Hold on Now, Youngster
Your hands will remain empty when you have stopped clutching at straws Cling to bad memories, forget all the insufferable bores. No-one matters... No-one cares...We are Beautiful, We are Doomed
Word is you slept in a weird position And your back and your shoulders are aching I say my stomach is chewing its way out from the inside...We are Beautiful, We are doomed
The black bird sits atop my guts And spreads its wings for flight My shoulders back My jaw pushed out My stomach sucked in...Hello Sadness
First LineSong TitleAlbum
And every sentence that I spoke began and ended in ellip...sis...Hold on Now, Youngster
I restored your mother's faith in men whilst boring you to death, left nothing more than the circle of stubble rash around your chest...We are Beautiful, We are Doomed
I am not a crutch Although my knees are rife with woodworm And the mealworms I misheard for lunch Are rotting in my guts...Hello Sadness
She'd a bruise so black they watched it fade through the full spectrum of colours. They kept it like a pet; a private joke they told no others...Romance is Boring
On the dashboard assembled in Descending height order, Half a decade of father's day gifts her mother bought for; Never passed on. Puffy eyes, Nasty reaction...Romance is Boring
Black holes and unraised moles Let's just call them freckles Haircut, heart left Happy on the West Coast...We are Beautiful, We are Doomed
Meet me at St. Nicholas... Among the oaks Behind the church...Hello Sadness
You asked if you could see me, before I went to Spain You didn’t give a reason, didn’t know what you would say...Other
He grows out his stubble just so that he can Scratch at the sunburn that coloured my arm. Civilians read bibles behind glass windows. Is this what constitutes normal behaviour?..Romance is Boring
Can we all please just calm the **** down‽ In an analogy that makes sense to most This opportunity it found me unmarked at the far postRomance is Boring
'HARK!' the herald angels sing, 'the boy's a cherub, let him be'. And you harmonised more beautifully than they could...A Los Campesinos! Christmas
I bet you twenty pounds if you knew ten years ago How pretty you'd turn out then You'd never have gotten your ears pierced But I never got my ears pierced and look how I turned outOther
My boyfriends says he will leave me Should I (A) Get down on your knees Should I (B) Tell him where to go Or should I (C) Kiss him until it shows?..Other
This **** city Is run by pigs. They take the rights away from all the kids...Other

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