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Can you name the differences and similarities between Battle Royale and The Hunger Games?

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When some of the characters become separated, they use a previously discussed tactic of lighting fires and using a bird call to get back together
The players can get sponsors who can help them by sending them supplies over the course of the game
Some of the most dangerous players team up at the start, despite knowing they will have to kill each other later
The players are treated to a few days of training and luxury before the game begins
Two players try to call out to the others to join up and work against their captors, but end up killed by one of the most dangerous players
The story takes place in an alternate, totalitarian version of a real-world country
The players of the game consist of an even number of school-age boys and girls
The main character has someone back home they have feelings for.
The players of the game are taken from their regular lives without any warning and forced to participate in it
Nearly the entirety of the game is given heavy media coverage, with the nation's populace watching
During the last part of the game, one of the female players dies from eating poisonous food that was meant to be eaten by the male main character
The main characters are a young man and woman with a shared history, one of whom has long held a crush on the other
At least one of the players is killed before the game officially begins
One of the male players spends time looking for two female players he has affections for, ending up finding them just before their death
The game makers use collars the players are forced to wear to track their movements and spy on them
AspectPresent inDetails
The story ends with the two main characters returning to their home, expected to engage in normal lives once more
Lingering around the game's starting point at the wrong time will result in the death of the players
The game's supervisor is killed because of his failure to ensure there is only one winner
The last survivor outside the heroes' group is a particularly psychotic boy, whom the heroes kill in a climactic confrontation
The story begins with a narrative of considerable length about the protagonist's everyday life
The main characters are assisted by an older mentor who had previously survived a game such as they find themselves in
There are people who actually enjoy the killing in the games, and even some who volunteer to guarantee they'll participate
The game appears to take place in a natural environment, but the game makers use advanced technology to manipulate the elements
It is common for the most dangerous players to remain gathered at the game's starting point, which is filled with supplies
As the game progresses, the players are given a recount of who has been killed at certain times of day
Each of the players' exploits and deaths is narrated and described with some degree of detail
Some of the players get together and conspire to make a bomb to use against the game supervisors
The arena in which the game takes place has buildings and other structures as well as wilderness
As the game starts, the players are gathered at a central point where they can obtain backpacks with supplies, and weapons
There is at least one boy and girl who have zero qualms about killing and are dead-set on winning

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