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ClueCharacterAppears in
A megalomaniacal logician who kept failing to get help from the CybermenThe Tomb of the Cybermen
A former argonite miner with a bone to pick with interplanetary piratesThe Space Pirates
He didn't learn the truth about his new robot buddies until it was too lateThe Power of the Daleks
He sent killer seed pods to Earth on a monster's command out of cowardice, but eventually reached his limitThe Seeds of Death
His campaign against Salamander was actually just a way of getting back at himThe Enemy of the World
He abused his position as Commissioner to sell captured rebels for slave labourThe Highlanders
ClueCharacterAppears in
He was opposed to his people's idea of absolute peace, which implicated immediate surrender to any form of attackThe Dominators
A 1920s writer who was sucked out of his timestream to create life from his penThe Mind Robber
Became a scavenger after being overwhelmed by his leader's over-reliance on computersThe Ice Warriors
While wandering through the astral plane, he got possessed and was forced to build fierce robotic creatures for 300 yearsThe Abominable Snowmen
The highest authority of the War Games; he and his people were later erased from all existance by the Time LordsThe War Games
ClueCharacterAppears in
He got angry with his monster allies because the gave him a metal body but wouldn't let him keep the planetThe Invasion
The army man most willing to believe in the Doctor, who after his first appearance gained a more iconic rankThe Web of Fear
Sporting an unfriendly and skeptic demeanor, he ended up being completely consumed by the thing he refused to believe inFury from the Deep
She was investigating a certain airline in lieu of her brother's disappearanceThe Faceless Ones
For dabbling with time travel and static electricity, he got his daughter kidnapped and himself exterminatedThe Evil of the Daleks

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