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An explanatory table of symbols used on a map or chart? Also called a legend
The final part of a story in which the plot is drawn together, explained, or resolved?After the falling action
The social influence a group of friends exerts on its individual members?
The basic unit of structure in living things?
How many characters should a password ideally be?
The ____________ subject is who or what is doing the verb, plus all descriptive words that go with it.
A Confederacy of Native Americans originally located in upper New York?
The optimal number of continuous hours of sleep for your age?Write out your answer ('twenty')
What is 62 degrees Farenheit in Celsius?Use formula and round to the nearest tenth
What movement tries to identify nationwide health improvement priorities?
Another name for the Medieval period?
(144/12 - 6) + 18
A literary device used to give a hint of what is to come later?
What country has the highest life expectancy?89.57 years
The cost to raise a child from birth through high school?Don't forget the '$' sign!

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