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This one is strait up Roger Carter
Owns his own team and swigs
To Hard starts with M Steve0
Hey look another Carter 2 Driver
not related to Riggity Ross
His first name is Bo
Wayn0 pet
did i mention another Carter 2 Driver
looks like Orlando
I can't pronounce his last name
He hit the blocks at Toledo in 2014
S and P for the Roulo Brothers
He is the 5th
What does the.... Say
He's not irrelevant but he isn't Frank Kimmel
Has a cool Last Name
He drove for WinTron
too generic of a last name
She made her debut like last week
Type Kimmel you will win the next like 4
Drives for Fox
He drove a Mountain Dew car
Not Big
Strickland Propane
Could Not properly operate a stock car
Almost won a Dhurt race
He's from France
Short Kid that drives the 3
Pay Driver
drove for carter 2 the end
Won lots of K&N Races and then ran suck cars
He Finished 2nd like Once
Drove the 3 can got a top 5 like once
Hopped the fence at Pocono
Please tell me this isnt who i think it is
His dad owns the car #66 (not Venturini)
last name is Warren's favorite
She drove sprint cars
64 car
Drives on DHURT now
Not even related to them
You too can live on this street
another waste of a Roulo Brothers Driver
Almost made Trevor Bayne pass away at Montreal
His last name is not Old

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