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Can you name the people who have the first or last name of a country, continent, or city?

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Place ClueNamePerson Clue
Country: Ruled by King Abdullah IISometimes referred to as 'His Airness'
City: Home to the opera house Palais GarnierHad a role in the film 'House of Wax'
Country: Guantanamo Bay'Show me the money!!'
City: Host of the 2000 Summer Olympic GamesWinner of the 1963 Best Actor Oscar for 'Lilies of the Field'*
Country: Oldest sovereign state in the worldFirst rookie to start the NFL Pro Bowl at quarterback
City: Site of a Great Fire in 1666Author of the short story, 'To Build a Fire'
Country: Eight of the ten Boston Marathon winners hail from hereFormer Miss USA winner. Also starred in the movie 'Trois'
Continent: Usually said to be the place of origin of humansAmerican Hip Hop artist of the 80's known as 'The Grandfather'*
Country: Largest Jewish population in the worldU.S. Representative from New York. Future head of the 2012 Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Place ClueNamePerson Clue
Country: Currently has the lowest Human Development Index score in the worldMLB outfielder who has played for the Pirates, Nationals, and now the Brewers*
City: Home to the Coliseum American sports talk show host
Country: Sometimes referred to as the 'Dead Heart of Africa'Co-founder and former CEO of YouTube
Country: Smallest country in Central AmericaArtist who painted 'Persistence of Memory'
Continent(s): Brought to the attention of the Western World in 1492Ugly Betty
Country: Home to the town of TimbuktuJohn Hughes' go to gal*
Country: Southernmost country in South AmericaFirst Jamaican to appear in an MLB game*
City: Capital city of the southernmost country in South AmericaLead guitarist of the Pixies
City: Capital of PeruDirector of many Disney films including 'Tarzan' and 'Enchanted'

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