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Can you name the celestial body from each picture taken by the Hubble Space Telescope?

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Type of ObjectAnswerClue
1. PlanetHas a moon named Phobos
2. PlanetHas a planetary tilt of 97.86°
3. NebulaLocated in the constellation Aquarius
4. NebulaLocated in the constellation Serpens
5. PlanetHas an estimated 63 moons
6. GalaxyLocated in the constellation Virgo
7. NebulaLocated in the constellation Taurus
8. PlanetIts largest moon is the only moon in the Solar System with an atmosphere
Type of ObjectAnswerClue
9. NebulaLocated in the constellation Musca
10. NebulaLocated in the constellation Draco
11. Dwarf PlanetHas a binary system partner named Charon
12. NebulaLocated in the constellation Centaurus
13. GalaxyLocated in the constellation Draco
14. PlanetHas a maximum surface temperature of 420 °C
15. GalaxyLocated in the constellation Sculptor

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