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Can you name the compound words where each 'word' begins with the letters from A-Z?

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ClueCompound WordLetter
Someone who has a dislike for the Stars and Stripes could be considered thisA
Derek Jeter can help you with this one, I'm sure he uses SporcleB
Don't be one of these and steal this quiz idea pleaseC
Do this in class when you're bored, but don't get caught!D
The number of constellations in the sky or Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane's numberE
This band helped us 'Learn to Fly,' 'Come Back,' and find a 'New Way Home'F
1979 movie about a superwomen in the Olympics, add an 's' and it's a popular TV show of the 80s and 90sG
Thirty-three attacks on humans by this type of shark have been reportedH
Don't stand directly underneath this when you look at itI
Alcoholic drink mixture popular at frat partiesJ
Any decorative trinket from Precious Moments dolls to 'Star Wars' figurinesK
Use one of these if you're stumped on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'L
University of Massachusetts nickname or militia used in the Revolutionary WarM
ClueCompound WordLetter
Joe, Tim, or Katey are some examples of theseN
You can be a positive person, but if you take it too far you might be thisO
Be careful of these when walking in big citiesP
A child might use this word to describe a duckQ
Good luck catching one of these, Wile Coyote sure couldn'tR
'Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and then I smell them like this! 'S
If you sneak out in the middle of the night, make sure you do this so you don't get caughtT
Something that has more potential than is currently being realized, like a spork, is thisU
'Sporcle gives us quizzes and we give Sporcle quizzes' is a place where this Roman expression could be usedV
A famous Tom Sawyer prank involved doing this to a fenceW
A disease of cattle, sex chromosome arrangement in females, or 20X
A black and white Chinese symbol or with an extra 'g,' a popular set of rapping 'twins'Y
Run in this type of pattern to dodge a bullet according to the Survivalist's DictionaryZ

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