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Can you name the Harry Potter 'before and after' by the clues given?

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Clue (Before)AnswerClue (After)
Potion created by Harry Potter that earned him a vial of Felix FelicisLord Voldemort's followers
Word used to insult muggle-born witches and wizardsSweet that particularly attracts vampires
Place where Harry, Ron, and Hermione spend most of their evenings and free periodsPlace used as the headquarters of the DA
Popular wizarding pub in Diagon AlleyCelestina Warbeck song; a favorite of Molly Weasley
The cheaper of the two taverns in hogsmeadeBill and Percy Weasley both held this position in their seventh year
A society formed by Dumbledore to oppose Lord VoldemortThe one and only antidote to Basilisk venom
Object Aberforth Dumbledore uses to keep and eye on HarryAn object that shows the viewer their deepest desire
Madam Pomfrey's abodeThe third obstacle before the Sorcerer's Stone
Where Hogwart's students eatThe room containing the meaningful words, 'Neither can live while the other survives,' before being smashed
Quidditch chaser who was cursed by a necklace in her seventh yearSirius Black's murderer

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