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Can you name the countries below from their flags containing Christmas colors?

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In this country, the men replant banana trees along the path to churches at Christmas time 
The Office (US) had a Christmas party with this country as its theme 
Straw is used for anything from ornaments to fortune telling at Christmas time in this country 
On Christmas Eve in this country, a dinner of at least twelve courses is served 
In 2005, the cutting down of Christmas trees was banned in this country 
A day known as 'Novena' marks the start of the Christmas season in this country 
In this country, a traditional Christmas lunch consists of chicken, rice and Kubbeh 
The poinsettia (a traditional Christmas flower) is native to this country 
Camels bring presents to children of New Year's Day in this country 
Parang songs sung in English are the norm around Christmas time in this country 
A five-day war known as the 'Christmas war' started on December 25, 1985 in this country 
Instead of snow and hot chocolate, this country has sand and barbecues at Christmas time 

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