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Can you find the missing peice of the famous mtg combos?

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Other PiecesMissing Piece
Black Lotus//Fireball/Blaze
Illusions of grandeur
Riftwing Cloudskate/Mulldrifter/Aven Riftwatcher//Body Double//Mirror Entity
Seething Song/Lotus Bloom/Rite of Flame//Dragonstorm
Worldfire (Hint: Omniscience//Door To Nothingness)
Ghostly Flicker//Archaeomancer/Mnemonic wall
Midnight Gaurd
Gaea's Might/Tribal Flames/Macta Riders
Thespian Stage/Vampire Hexmage
Glistener Elf/Blighted agent/Inkmoth Nexus//Progenitus/Blasphemous Act
Painter's Servant
Cavern Harpy//Parasitic Strix
Show and Tell/Sneak Attack
Other PiecesMissing Piece
Tezzeret, The Seeker/Voltaic Key
Black Lotus//Pyrite Spellbomb
Pestermite/Deceiver Exarch
Kitchen Finks/Murderous Redcap//Viscera Seer/Cartel Aristocrat/Valroz, Scar-Striped
Archangle of Thune
Angel's Grace/Phyrexian Unlife//Lightning Storm
Monstrous Carabid/Deadshot Minotaur/Architects of Will/Pale Recluse/Streetwraith//Demonic Dread/Violent Outburst
Gifts Ungiven//Iona, Sheild of Emeria/Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
Simic Growth Chamber/Gruul Turf//Summer Bloom/Azuza, Lost but Seeking//Primeval Titan
Thopter Foundry
Genesis Chamber/Soul Warden/Soul's Attendant/Purphoros

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