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In Despicable Me, what was Gru trying to do?
In Hop, what did CB want to be?
In Inside Out, what happened to Bing Bong?
In Moana, what is the goddess whose heart was stolen by Maui?
In Trolls, How did the Bergens discover the Trolls?
In Sing, what happened to the Moon Theater?
In Zootopia, what did Judy want to be?
In The Secret Life Of Pets, where did a smell lead Max and Duke?
In Finding Dory, where was Dory's parents?
In The Good Dinosaur what was the good dinosaur's name?
In The Incredibles, what is the son's ability
In Big Hero 6, what were the robots that Hiro invented called?
In Pete's Dragon, what was the dragon called?
In The Storks, what was the Storks' former business?
In Frozen, what was the kingdom called?

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