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Can you name the Degrassi: TNG Season 3 characters?

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A nerdy outcast and J.T.'s less popular best friend.
An intimidating class clown, and Paige's boyfriend.
An overachiever trying to break from her shell.
A popular snob who's just recovering from her traumatic rape.
A bad boy with a dark past who's future gets put to the test when he starts breaking rules and starts stealing.
A cheerleader, conformist, and Paige's sidekick.
The now-popular class clown.
A rocker chick.
Emma's best friend, whose changed image comes with great secrets and consequences.
A musician and ladies' man.
The gay teenager whom anyone can lean on for support.
Paige and Ashley's insecure best friend.
A depressed Goth girl who looks into self-harm for comfort.
An environmentalist and human rights activist.
A rich jock.

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