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QUIZ: Can you name the Degrassi: TNG Season 2 Trivia?

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Who has an abusive father?
Paige gets raped by who?
Who's getting married and finds out that their pregnant?
What is the name of Paige, Ashley, Terri, and Hazel's band?
Who tells Ellie that their gay?
Who's father ends up dieing at the end of the season?
Where do Manny and Craig have their first date?
In home economics class, J.T. finds out that he's good at ______.
What sport does Toby join?
Paige and Spinner run for Luau ____ and ____ at the year end dance.
Toby develops a crush on the new girl without realizing that it's ______ sister.
Paige goes out with _____ after making a bet with Hazel and Spinner.

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