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Can you name the Degrassi Season 12 Characters?

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The alpha-male captain of the Toronto Ice Hounds who is a teen dad.
An intolerant and conservative christian and Becky's brother who's on the hockey team.
A homesick member of the hockey team who unraveled to suicide.
A strictly conservative christian who is opening up to her beliefs.
A snobby cheerleader and student council president with a soft side.
A talented writer/director who struggled with Bipolar Disorder.
A headstrong ladies' man who is trying to prove himself after dropping out.
A laid back, charming craftsman and environmentalist.
A formerly-rich lesbian and recovering alcoholic who is repeating her senior year.
A reformed bad girl who is learning to be smart and responsible.
A fierce girl and star soccer player with a rebellious side.
A cocky member of the hockey team who defends his gay younger brother.
An artistic and eccentric outsider who has a shadowed family.
The witty leader of the band WhisperHug.
A former teen dad with a dark past who is turning his life around.
A smart and determined student still trying to figure out her life.
A female to male transgender student who is known for his kindness.
A kind, intelligent, but stubborn girl who wants to be a journalist.
A gifted student with Asperger's Syndrome and technology skills.
A reluctant athlete who comes off as judgemental.
A preppy musician and former teen mom who has found faith in God.
A loud and proud gay teen who is insecure about his weight.
A skate boarder who is insecure about his poverty.
A quirky cello virtuoso who's personality is changing due to her boyfriend's death.
A confident and bubbly pageant girl.

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