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What football player did Alli have a crush on?
This boyfriend stealer and Next Teen Star got pregnant?
An intelligent girl who falls in love with a goth.
She has strict parents and tends to get herself in difficult situations.
His guardian is Mr. Simpson.
Female to male transgender.
A teen with a troubled past.
This Degrassi student decides to run for Grade 10 class rep.
He drives a hearse and is friends with Adam Torres.
A bad girl who is involved with sex, drugs, skipping class and causing trouble.
A womanizer and homophobic jock.
A nerdy boy who isn't good at interacting with girls.
Disobey's his parents rules and wants to major in music.
An ambitious student on top of the social ladder.
A rich girl who transfers to Degrassi with her twin brother.
A gay football player who hasn't came out of the closet.
Dating Holly J. Sinclair and twin of Fiona Coyne.
Captain of the Power Squad.
An open minded cheerleader.
An openly gay football player who is dating another football player.

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