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Can you name the answers to these questions that were asked at Sporcle Live events from 11/8 - 11/14/13?

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What word taken from the Hindu religion was popularized by author Neil Stevenson to describe a person’s online virtual image?Language
What name describes the period of time between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance?World History
The Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the U.S. Constitution both refer to what?The Constitution
What American author is nicknamed the “Queen of Suspense”? Her first novel, Where Are the Children, was published in 1975.Authors
What country did sprinter Ben Johnson represent when he won the gold medal in the 100 meters at the 1988 Summer Olympics, which he later forfeited because of steroid use?Olympians
What brand of beer by Budweiser was introduced in 1989 with a slogan that began “Why ask why?”Beer Slogans
In the 1979 musical, Sweeney Todd is the demon barber of what street?Musicals
William Henry Harrison was the first president to represent which political party?Political Parties
On what TV network does the competitive cooking reality show MasterChef, co-hosted by Gordon Ramsey, air?TV Networks
What is the name of the actor who portrayed House on the television show with the same name?Title Roles
What is the name for the ring-shaped pasta that is typically stuffed with meat or cheese, and is sometimes described as “navel shaped”?Pasta
Waterways named the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull separate what island from New Jersey?Islands
What American solo artist had a hit in the mid-1980s with the song “I Just Called to Say I Love You”?80s Music
What was the name of the IBM computer system that competed against former winners on Jeopardy in 2011?Computers
Who directed the 2012 historical drama film Lincoln?Directors
According to legend, what Trojan princess was cursed by Apollo so that no one would ever believe her prophecies?Mythology
What brand of shampoo used an ad campaign that contained the line “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”?Shampoo
Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, what vitamin can be synthesized by the body with sun exposure?Vitamins
What U.S. National Park, located in Colorado, was created in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt, the first consciously designed to “preserve the works of man”?Final Question #1 - National Parks
What famous Bostonian finished third in the November 5, 2013 race for Boston mayor, garnering most of the 560 write-in votes, according to the Boston Election Department?Final Question #2 - Elections

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