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Can you name the answers to these questions that were asked at Sporcle Live events from 11/22 - 11/28/13?

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The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, a 15 acre park that stretches over one mile in length, opened in October 2008 in what U.S. city?Parks
What company began using the popular slogan “Is it true blondes have more fun?” in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s in advertising?Slogans
Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie comprise what musical comedy duo, referring to themselves as 'the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand'?Duos
What drug retailing chain was founded in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois and is currently headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois?Headquarters
Discounting Colorado, which borders at just one single point, how many states border the state of Arizona?State Borders
Child actress Heather O'Rourke was most closely associated with which horror film series?Child Stars
What character was portrayed by John Mahoney on Frasier from 1993 to 2004?Sitcom Characters
Glial cells are found in which system in the human body?Anatomy
The Roots have been the house band since 2009 on what late night talk show?Late Night TV
The Legend of Curly's Gold is a sequel to what 1991 comedy?Sequels
Thank Me Later is the debut studio album by what Canadian recording artist, released in 2010?Thanks
Which New York City borough is the most populous of the five?New York
What character from a series of graphic novels by Brian Lee O’Malley falls in love with Ramona Flowers, but has to defeat her seven evil exes in order to date her?Literary Characters
According to its long time slogan, what city did Schlitz make famous?Beer
What was the true first name of the Harry Potter character Lord Voldemort?Harry Potter
What was Princess Diana's maiden name?Royalty
In 1997, the Hartford Whalers relocated to become what current NHL team?NHL
What is the name of the third studio album from Lady Gaga, released on November 6, 2013?Albums
What band or artist became the first to win the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in consecutive years for songs that were off of the same album? (2001/2002)Final Question #1 - Grammy Awards
In October of 2009, a six year old Colorado child named Falcon Heene made worldwide news headlines when he was at the center of what incident?Final Question #2 - 2009 in the News

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