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QUIZ: Can you name the Sporcle Live Newsletter Answers for the Week of 4/8/13?

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On the Rolling Stone's list of the greatest 100 albums of the 1980's, the Clash holds the top spot with what album?Monday 4/8/13
Which actress played Angela Bower on the show “Who's The Boss?”Tuesday 4/9/13
What US President passed the Defense of Marriage Act?Wednesday 4/10/13
What is the character name from the Shrek movie series that was voiced by Justin Timberlake?Thursday 4/11/13
In the classic version of Monopoly, what space sits directly between Boardwalk and Park Place? Friday 4/12/13
What NFL team is named for Harold Bartle, a mayor who earned his nickname for working with Native Americans in Wyoming?Saturday 4/13/13
Which state's three most populous cities start with the same letter?Sunday 4/14/13

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