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In 1987, the song 'Revolution' became the first Beatles song to be licensed for use in a commercial. Which company used it?Monday 3/4/13
March 5th is National Cheese Doodle Day - What is the name of the fictitious brand of cheese doodles that Cartman often talks about on South Park?Tuesday 3/5/13
March 6th is National Frozen Food Day - What man, whose name is still on products today, is credited with inventing the flash-freezing food process?Wednesday 3/6/13
After being open for over 30 years, what entertainer's Las Vegas museum closed to the public on October 17th, 2010?Thursday 3/7/13
Hollywood California is the most populous city named 'Hollywood.' Which state has the second most populous Hollywood?Friday 3/8/13
Which NFL great went by the nickname 'The Minister of Defense'?Saturday 3/9/13
What actor played the title role in the 1991 comedy 'King Ralph'?Sunday 3/10/13

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