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What soft-drink was introduced by Coca-Cola in 1979 to compete with Pepsi's Mountain Dew?Monday 11/11/13
What NASCAR driver won every championship from 2006 to 2010?Tuesday 11/12/13
Which Australian city is the largest in Queensland?Wednesday 11/13/13
Who wrote the novel 'Presumed Innocent', which was turned into a 1990 movie of the same name?Thursday 11/14/13
On what U.S. television network did Lizzie McGuire air from 2001-2004?Friday 11/15/13
What film star represented Scotland in the 1952 Mr. Universe contest?Saturday 11/16/13
Who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher stepped down in 1990?Sunday 11/17/13
What is the name of a triangle that is defined as having three angles less than 90 degrees?Monday 11/18/13

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