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Can you name the answers to the Sporcle Live Newsletter Quiz for the week of 4/15/14?

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Who became the President of South Africa in May 2009?Tuesday 4/15/14
What is the name of the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2010 film Inception?Wednesday 4/16/14
What U.S. state is home to the War of 1812 Museum?Thursday 4/17/14
What year did The Big Bang Theory premier on CBS?Friday 4/18/14
What country did swimmer Alain Bernard represent at the Summer Olympic Games in 2008 and 2012?Saturday 4/19/14
Cadbury Creme Eggs are primarily associated with what holiday?Sunday 4/20/14
Who was the Green Party's candidate for U.S. president in 1996?Monday 4/21/14

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