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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions that were asked at Sporcle Live events during the weekend of 9/27 - 2/29/13?

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What young actor was not allowed by his parents to appear in the 1992 film The Mighty Ducks because it would have required him to leave home for two months?Early Roles
What former SNL cast member has recently appeared in advertisements for T-Mobile’s JUMP campaign?SNL
Who was the subject of American Girl, Italian Nightmare, a CBS 48 Hours documentary, airing in April 2009?In the News
What Inuit word for 'our land' is the name of Canada's newest territory, which split off from the Northwest Territories in 1999?Canada
Scott Raynor was the original drummer for what 1990s pop-punk band, before he was replaced in 1998?Original Band Members
What U.S. cabinet-level department administers the U.S. Mint?Cabinet
What two-time professional Dancing with the Stars champion plays the preacher's daughter in the 2011 remake of Footloose?Dancers
Which city is furthest north, Florence, Naples, Rome, or Venice?Italian Georgraphy
What author is the creator of the character Miss Marple?Literary Characters
Who won his first Grammy in 1968, was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1977, the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1980, and the Rock and Roll Hall/Fame in 1992?Final Question of the Night - Musicians

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