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During what war was Joseph Heller's work Catch 22 set?World War II
After Los Angeles, what is the second largest US city according to city population that lies west of the Mississippi River? Houston, TX
What McDonald's sandwich was created in 1981 due to the shortage of chickens and the inability of McDonald's to supply Chicken McNuggets nationwide?McRib
What is the only film directed by a woman to have won best picture?The Hurt Locker
Who is the creator of the Garfield comic strip?Jim Davis
Jan Levenson, Holly Flax and Helene Beesly were all girlfriends of what TV character?Michael Scott
Which former child star was appointed US ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989?Shirley Temple Black
What artist is currently on the Billboard charts with his 12th Top 10 single titled “Berzerk”?Eminem
Only one time in history has a Summer Olympics host country not won a single gold medal in the year it hosted. Which country was it?Canada
What chemical element is most commonly added to rubber to vulcanize it?Sulfur
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