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Can you name the answers to these questions that were asked at Sporcle Live events on 9/11/13

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What food company uses a mother bird and her baby birds in a nest as its logo?Company Logos
In the Billy Joel song “Piano Man”, what is the character Paul’s occupation?Song Lyric Occupations
In December 2001, President George W. Bush signed into law a resolution designating September 11th a national day of remembrance, known by what name since 2002?Remembrance
What actor plays SNL snack proprietor Pete Schweddy in a skit that originally aired in 1998?SNL
What 7-letter word is the pivot point of a lever?Physics
In the movie Dogma, who are the two prophets sent to protect Bethany?Movie Heroes
In 1997, what American singer/songwriter posed the lyrical question 'Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?', taking the song to #8 on the Billboard Hot 100?90s Songs
In the Broadway musical West Side Story, one gang is American, what nationality is the rival gang?Musicals
What state is home to Big Bend National Park?National Parks
In Washington DC, at the National Mall, what two memorials are at the ends of the large reflecting pool?Final Question of the Night - Washington D.C.

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