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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions that were asked at Sporcle Live events on 8/28/13?

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What film and television production studio has used a mountain as part of its logo since its inception, making it the oldest surviving Hollywood film logo?Logos
The Brick Testament is a website that recreates biblical stories in what form?Websites
George Clinton became the first Vice President to die in office in 1812 while serving under what U.S. President?Presidents
Steve Burns was the original host of what children’s television show that ran from 1996-2006?Children's TV
What fast-food chain featured Mr. T in an iconic commercial in the 1980s with the catchphrase “Mo beef, betta taste!” to promote a change to their iconic sandwich?Advertising
What is the name of the two countries in the world whose name begins with the letters “La-”?Countries
What American actress is best known for her role as Larry David’s wife on the HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm?Actresses
Joseph P. Riley, Jr. has served as mayor of what second largest city in South Carolina since 1975, currently serving his tenth term?Mayors
The Middle-Eastern country of Qatar is controversially scheduled to be the host of what sporting event in 2022?Hosts
The Waterloo Hawks were founding members of the NBA in 1949, and they remain to this day the only team in any of the four major sports to be based in what state?Final Question of the Night - Sports Geography

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